Olga C. 15 Jul 2024
The team's support was both efficient and effective, ensuring all items arrived at our new home in perfect condition.
K. Bui 05 Jan 2024
I am grateful to have had North Kensington Removals handle my move - they made it stress-free and efficient.
E. McWilliams 01 Dec 2023
Professional and efficient service. Very friendly movers who were fast and proficient.
Delilah Gordon 25 Jul 2023
Their movers said they'd be able to handle the lot. They carried out all the heavy lifting quickly and easily, taking care not to damage anything in the process.
Hernan McClain 22 Feb 2023
We are very pleased with Removal Services North Kensington who completed our move with excellent service.
Estevan G. 21 Aug 2019
We decided to move home. When I was looking for a good moving service, North Kensington Removal Companies stood out. Quality work and unbelievable service!
Jaylan R. 11 Jan 2016
I was over the moon with North Kensington Removal Companies when they moved my elderly parents into a smaller apartment close by to me. They had sold up and got rid of a lot of their bulky furniture and simply kept a minimum that would fit into the new place. This company rendered a fast and effective service and moved everything swiftly and for a good price. The workers were friendly and simply got on with the work. It was the best moving experience I had had!
Daryl Faust 31 Jul 2015
I never thought I'd say this, but this house move was actually enjoyable! The movers at Removal Services North Kensington were so professional, effective yet fun that they made the process so easy. I felt very confident leaving them to do the entire removal and in the end there were no breakages. Even after working all day, they were still smiling at the end. Loved the service, many thanks.
R. Danner 27 May 2015
Living in Paris was always a dream for me but I knew moving there would be a nightmare. There was so much work to do such as packing, shifting the goods, driving them to where they were loaded, international shipping, transportation once they arrived, moving them into my new house, etc. This all seemed a bit too much but my friend clued me in with Removal Services North Kensington. I didn't know a removal firm could do so much so I hired them immediately. They covered all the work so I got the perfect move. I'm still in shock at how good they were and don't hesitate in telling you to give them a call.
Tionna Starks 14 Jan 2015
I am an electrician and run my own business from home. This meant that when moving, I had a lot of supplies and equipment for my business. I was really impressed with how RemovalsNorthKensington handled my belongings when unpacking everything at my new house. I had the garage prepared for everything to be bought in. The team handled everything professionally and with care, which I was very appreciative of. I really respected the way they worked and carried out the task.
N. Casillas 17 Dec 2014
We would like to send our complete and utter appreciation to RemovalsNorthKensington for your wonderful services. At our age, we do find moving nothing less than a hard, time consuming chore and it is such a pleasure working with a company that truly knows what they are doing. We are so impressed with your services and we would definitely book with you again in the near future, if we happen to need you again. Thanks once again.
K. Robledo 04 Nov 2014
This removals company helped me move from my family home and into my fianc├ęs home. I think that RemovalsNorthKensington are especially good because they cause such little fuss and turn up on time. I'm glad I hired them I couldn't imagine going with any other company for the same service!
J. Emmons 10 Sep 2014
I have a lot of time for RemovalsNorthKensington, having moved house with them last month. They were a friendly team, who were extremely good at ensuring that we were not going to get stuck in any way. They made an amazing job of getting everything from A to B, and there were no breakages, which was an amazing thing in itself! I will certainly be using them again in the future, and hope that others will as well!
B. Trinidad 27 Aug 2014
You can't beat a great quote on something that should be ridiculously expensive, like a removal. I have found in the past that I put a lot of cash in to the job, and still have issues with getting the job done well! This time RemovalsNorthKensington gave us an amazing deal, and we had no problems whatsoever, which was incredible! I tend to be a bit apprehensive as to how things are going to go, but there was no reason to be in this case! A wonderful removal form a team who are incredible value for money!
Slade C. 07 Jul 2014
I have only moved house a couple of times, so an international removal was looking to be quite scary! Fortunately for us we had a lot of help form RemovalsNorthKensington who were amazing at ensuring that we got everything moved without any damages or any trouble at all. I am pleased to say that it went ahead easily, and for a decent price, which sweetened the whole deal considerably. I was very pleased with how it all went, and will be using them again should I need to!
C. Lusk 02 Jun 2014
That was the easiest house move I have ever accomplished in my life and the credit must go to RemovalsNorthKensington because of the remarkable work that they do! Moving is stressful enough for anyone and I'm sure most people have heard of some of the horror stories that does often occur during this chaotic time, however if you want to avoid all of that than this company is a must because they are the reason I didn't have to endure any of that on this occasion (and believe me I've moved house plenty of times) at least I have their number saved now!
G. Hamel 21 May 2014
From first contact on the phone, I could tell that RemovalsNorthKensington were the moving company for me. Really helpful and friendly, and not pushy at all - I hate aggressive marketing techniques, but they just quoted me a price, and let me make my own decisions. When I told them I was interested, they twice dispatched representatives to my home to assess the lay of the land - which paid off big time, because things went off without a hitch on the day! Excellent service, and strongly recommended to anyone who has a moving project on the cards.
Andre Landry 08 May 2014
In many ways, there is not a huge amount that you can do to learn about how a large removal should go ahead. You can read up on tips on the web or look at safety manuals and the like, but really, it all comes down to experience. This is something that RemovalsNorthKensington have in abundance, and I was very pleased to have them on my side when we were moving the other week. It comes as no surprise that a team of people who are so used to the job would do well, but the expertise with which they got everything done was quite incredible!
Nathaniel S. 23 Apr 2014
Getting the best moving service possible has been an ongoing challenge I've set myself for a while now. As someone who moves quite often, I can say that RemovalsNorthKensington have set the bar incredibly high and I am not sure that any other company will have the chance to beat it. While I normally try someone new each time, I cannot think of a single criticism which warrants changing companies. From now on, I know who will be handling my moving processes and I will go out of my way to recommend them to all of my friends.
Alex Means 28 Mar 2014
I was moving in with my son after my divorce for 6 months until I got sorted. I had to sell my house and had a lot of belongings. I needed a firm to split the move one half into storage the other into my son's home. RemovalsNorthKensington handled the whole move without any mix up. Everything went so well I would certainly recommend anyone needing a reliable and expert removal company to give these a call. The staff was polite and helpful. They did a wonderful service for me and the price was very reasonable too. Thanks a lot.
H. Littlejohn 05 Mar 2014
There's not much more I can add, really, to the other reviews, other than just agreeing with them. The guys at RemovalsNorthKensington really went the extra mile in order to make sure that we got a great service and they did everything they could do to make it all stress free. I would like to say that their pricing was excellent and I really saved us a lot of money, especially when you consider the quality of the services. As such, I would certainly suggest to anyone looking for help with moving home that this is exactly where you need to go to get the best help. Great service, thanks again.